University Overnight Sports Camps for Boys and Girls

Posted on May 7, 2010 by Scott

Information about Overnight University Sports Camps

Is your child a sports fanatic? These days, kids are focusing more and more on one specific sport they love playing. What better way for kids to enhance their skills, while gaining their first bit of independence than sending them to an overnight sports camp? Most overnight sports camps are between 4-7 nights and usually take place on a college campus.

With most overnight sports camps taking place in the summer, the available usage of dormitories and cafeterias make a college campus the ideal location. Most summer sports camps held on a college campus are run by the university themselves. Many university run sports camps are a general sport specific camp (i.e. basketball or volleyball). Let’s take a look at the university run overnight sports camp.

Overnight sports camps run by a university is a great way for your child to get expert coaching in their particular sport. Usually, coaches from the university, along with current and former players, are the instructors. Who better to listen to than those who coach and play at such a high level? In addition to the playing and coaching, the chance for your son or daughter to feel like the’re on their own while at their sports camp is very exciting!

Don’t worry though, plenty of counselors and adult supervision is on hand at all times to make sure everything goes smoothly. Meals are all scheduled, and the camp will have all the kids on a regimented schedule. It’s not all practice though. The opportunity for your child to make new friends and teammates while at an overnight sports camp will make memories that will last a lifetime!

A few items to remember when packing for your overnight sports camp:

  1. Try to pack a different set of t-shirt/shorts for every practice or game session each day.
  2. Always bring 4-5 more pairs of socks and underwear than you think you’ll need. Those go quickly when practicing multiple times per day!
  3. Keep a water bottle with you in case water fountains are not near your practice area. Always stay hydrated!
  4. You’ll probably be showering twice per day, so don’t forget all necessary toiletries.
  5. Pack some snacks and drinks to keep in your room. You’ll be burning a lot of energy practicing, so don’t go hungry between meals!
  6. An iPod, radio, or portable video game is always a good way to relax in your room between practices.

Last of all; remember that your son or daughter is going away to a summer sports camp. They may be nervous, especially if leaving home for the first time. Make sure they remember to have fun!

University Overnight Sports Camps


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